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Monday, June 22, 2009


Nick's Graduation Day!
June, 13 2009
California Polytechnic State University

Proud Wife

Nick with the Dean of his college "Skip"

Proud Parents

The family
Nick and I have been married the past three years. Over these three years Nick has not only been working full time to support our family, but he has also been going to school full time. Every minute of his day was planned out, work then class, then library to study, then sleep for a couple hours... wake up and do it again.
I just want my husband Nick to know how proud of him I am! All of his hard work and dedication paid off! It has always been a dream of his to graduate from Cal Poly! Not only did he graduate from this amazing school but he graduated with a 3.5 GPA!
Congratulations babe! You are so amazing, thank you so much for all the hard work and time you put in to make things better for our family.
I am so proud of you and am so lucky to be your wife!!
I can't wait for what the future holds for us!
I Love You


Here are a few more pictures from Nick's graduation day

Proud Parents

Before the ceremony
(So Handsome)

Nick and his sister Shawnee
both had graduations on the same weekend

Nick was in the front row!!
Can you spot him??

Cal Poly Graduating Class of 2009

Shawnee's graduation!!

My sister-in-law Shawnee graduated from
highschool the same weekend Nick graduated from Cal Poly
These are a few pictures of her special day!
Congrats Shawnee!!

Shawnee and her best friend Tessa

Shawnee and I

The ceremony

getting ready to accept her diploma


Me and Nick got to spend lots of time with my family
between all the wedding events.
I love you all!!

My brother Brett and I

Me and my new sister-in-law!!

My brother Adam, my brother Brett and
my cousin Todd

Me, my Dad, and Nick

Me and my newly married brother Ben!


I was able to see lots of friends that I have missed!1
Here are just a few of my dear friends I was able
to get together with!
I love you all and miss you!!

Me and Suzie Lundell

Allison and I and Gracie who declined a photo


Part of the gang at Cafe Rio!
and their beautiful babies!!

Me with all the Lundell kids!
I could not believe how much they've grown!

The Reception!!

Ben and Courtney's reception was so beautiful!
Here are a few pictures of the wonderful night

Father & Daughter Dance

Nick and I in our wedding attire

The handsome men of the wedding:
My brother Adam, The groom Ben,My husband Nick,
and my brother Brett

Me and my brother Adam! I love you

Her is a picture of the damage we did to their
Four Runner! It took a knife to be able to get inside

Utah!! Ben"s Wedding!!

Nick and I in front of the temple
Same temple we got married in just three years before!

Ben and Courtney
So cute!

Me and my baby brother

Me and my mommy

Right after the ceremony
We love you guys!

We took a trip back home to good ol' Utah at the beggining of May for my little brother's wedding!! We felt so lucky to ba able to be there when Ben and his wife Courtney were sealed in the Mt. Timpanogas temple! It was so beautiful. We had lots of fun getting to know her and other new faces as well as connect with old friends!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bye Bye Jetta!!

Nick and I have been thinking about getting a new car lately. We had been looking on the internet and decided what different models we liked! Well one afternoon we decided to go for a little test drive! We actually came back with the car!! We traded in the Jetta :( for our new car!! A Scion xB in Charcoal grey with 39,000 miles! We absolutley love it! Not only is it perfect for our little family now... but will be perfect for our family in the future! Oh and don't worry! We got the ugly black racing stripes removed :)

Family Party!!

We all got together down in Santa Maria at Grandma's house. We had a birthday celebration for Kris and Nick's cousin Kelsey brought down there new baby Ava to meet the family! Ava is so adorable and I have to say that you can tell by some of these pictures that some people were wishing me and Nick would have a little one! It was very fun to meet up with everyone! Nick's brother and sister even decided to surprise Kris and drive from Idaho for the weekend!! It was awesome!

LaZy DaYz!!

Abbey does not like taking baths.. I like to think it's the Chihuahua in her. So after her bath we put her new robe on! She slept the whole afternoon in it! She loved it! However, the next day her brother thought her robe was a toy... and ate it!!

Marley and Me Moment!!

Up to this point, Woody has been a pretty perfect dog. Besides all his hair I find all over the house, we have had no problems. He never has "accidents" in the house, and he only chews on his toys. Until now.... Woody figured out that there is food in the garbage can in the pantry. I came home from work to find that him and Abbey had a very exciting day! Let's just say I was not so excited!!

Bodyboarding With Dad!

Nick enjoys bodyboarding, and Woody enjoys swimming in the ocean... So the two of them decided to take a dive one Saturday morning! It was cold but they had a good time! Woody enjoyed hanging out in the water with Dad!